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Biological Effects of Childhood Trauma

We should NOT ask why adults are aggressive or depressed, use drugs or constantly unhealthy, failed in school as children and react disorderly, we should find out if they repeating the pattern of their early childhood or react according to their early imprint. Many of these later reactions are explained in this article: “The Biological Effects of Childhood Trauma”


My answer to: “The Lifelong Effects of Early Childhood Adversity and Toxic Stress” In 1994, after I finished writing my manuscript about my abused childhood, I asked the question: Does childhood abuse have long-term consequences? Regardless who I asked, every psychologist or therapist, they all answered the same way: “children grow-out of their early experience”. But feeling how my abused childhood held me hostage and disabled me, kept me from concentrating, feeling constant effects from the early imprint, I however, …