The author of “Haunting Shadows from the Past” deserves a Nobel Price in “Human Endurance”.

Isaak Goldstein, Israel

This is a beautiful and poignant account of the long road to freedom that each of us must walk. Life gave Sieglinde Alexander more than enough to deal with, and deal with it she has. May such courage and determination help each of us on our own path of healing!

Stephen Gillian, Ph.D., Psychologist and author, “The Courage to Love”

Childhood abuse is probably the worst form of physical and mental abuse anyone can endure. Children are defenseless, yet the effect of this abuse often haunts that individual throughout life. Sieglinde Alexander, takes readers on her journey through childhood where she faced daily beatings from her German father, was molested and raped by her brother and an employee; and was forced to steal for the family.

As an adult who suppressed the memories, she was haunted daily by guilt, depression, and not feeling worthy. This continued until she returned to her hometown of Harburg, Germany to face the memories. Many readers will identify with her struggle and from it summon the courage to fight their own fight and win.

Duane Newcomb, Editor-in Chief, Newcomb & Newcomb, Editorial Consultants

I found it to be very engrossing (aside feeling horrible about the abuse Sieglinde had to take).

Tatiana Stoumen, Editor of JWWG, International Women’s Writing Guild

This book is a mirrored-reflection of the lives of many children and adults that carry the physical and emotional scars of abuse, the availability of this book may bring into realization that the beginning process of inner healing can take place as they openly communicate their story.

Kay Mitchell, Social Worker Program Director of a Foster Family Agency

I’m still influenced by your brilliant written autobiography, which is full of shocking events and at the same time exciting like a thriller. The reader is caught in this other childhood and youth and, if he wants or not, begins to compare. Some sentences could have written by me.

G., Germany

After reading Haunting Shadows from the Past, I realized that anyone can be whatever he or she wants to be. I have never experienced mental or physical abuse. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that I have been blessed and that anything is possible with Him on your side.

Teresa L. Bowens, Computer Tape Librarian

This book brought out many emotions. A child emerging from this kind of abuse and developing into a beautiful person as the author is can only be blessed by God.

Clarissa Dorisey Seamstress

I applaud Sieglinde Alexander for having the courage to relive the pain she must have felt while writing this book demands your attention and respect for its author. It paints a picture so real and vivid in your mind that you feel you want to punish the aggressor and comfort the victim. It’s hard to believe that adults could treat their own children less than human beings, but we must face the fact that it is happening every day.

By writing this book, Sieglinde has helped her own healing process as well as others. She has given hope where where appeared to only be despair. She has given strength to those that have been weakened by their own ordeals. She has let the world know that there is a God and He hears your prayers.

Eunice Grants, High School Teacher

“Haunting Shadows from the Past” is the story of a painful and sad childhood. It is also a testament to the endurance of the human spirit and hopefully, will help light the way, as it did for me, for others who have also endured.”

Janice Solazzo, Medical Receptionist

And to think, I felt life had been unfair on many occasions to me. Well, now I know truly how blessed I have been in having the kind of family that I grew up in and the society, this America that I call home.

That Sieglinde survived, and now shares her life, gifts and talents and such a story of triumph with each of us, is a testimony to her strength, courage and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you God, and thank you Sieglinde!

Barbara J. Smith-Daniele, Musician

I was shocked by every page of your book. I thought I knew you well since 1967. I admired your strength your honesty, and used you as my ideal because of your helpful caring character.

I am amazed how you could love anyone after what had been done to you. You are a human example of living kindness.

(Your Lillie) Julje Le Buronè, Pianist, Strassburg, France

I have read your piece about your experience in the home for girls. Absolutely shocking…

Paddy Doyle, author of “The God Squad”