These are the days before the Phoenix Rising

However, before the phoenix can rise he must first burn.

The suppressed, repressed and oppressed are the blind who have paved the road for Bush, a dominator, or even a borderline dictator.

It is the cry for more, not for a better life that has throughout history given dominators and controllers the power to destroy the essence of life.

The preparation of self-destruction had begun four years ago. Now the picture is much clearer for the ones who can see how history is repeating itself.

Three major parallels are paramount for those who can see what has caused the destruction of empires of the past. If we compare history to the slow US self-destruction, we recognize the signs and symptoms.

As history recorded, a line of ill-minded, self-glorifying emperors destroyed the Roman Empire. The people had no candidates to be elected, but received a lot of entertainment as a distraction. One victory over another was celebrated when news came that their mythic warriors had conquered another constituency to add to the power of Rome. As the Roman Empire grew, their greed for material wealth became seemingly endless and began to rot from the inside.

The Third Reich could rise because of a hungry nation that was mentally and physically mutilated for hundreds of years by dynastic oppression. They chose the one who promised bread, work and a roof over their heads. Blinded by the parades and speeches, they didn’t ask how they would come by all they were being promised. Now convinced, they excused and justified all means, the war and the extermination of everyone that did not agree.

The same scene played in Russia, where its citizens had endured enough from the Romanov dynasty of oppression. The oppressed and hungry people chose the promise of Lenin who began the years of communism, another style of mental and physical starvation. After Lenin, other successors continued the control and oppression and executed thousands who rebelled against the inhumanity. The day came when people would no longer endure. The blind became the seeing and the inevitable happened, the victims could no longer endure.

Humanity had no place in all three historical empires. People were never given what they needed most, but instead were fed with doctrines, patriotism, laws and the illusion of progress.

To maintain the blindness, all three powers used the same methods: total control, the expectation of blind obedience and never allowing free thinking and expression.

In return for being good citizens they received the illusion of having the best that was available, given and defended by their almighty leaders.

Now, as history repeats itself, we see the same signs, symptoms and actions right here in the US. Again false hope is spread and the blind majority follows like sheep. Deceptive leaders disguise their power hungry agenda with promises of success. People wishing for fulfillment of their needs, they actually no longer know what their deep needs are, and they again will justify their consent to choose war over peace, control instead of freedom, power in place of humanity.

Society again accepts lies, because they forget what truth is. Again they cling with hope on deceptive speeches, believe in the progress and justify all means to keep what they have and get more than they need: they will not ask what the real price for all of it is.

Are we in the process of destroying ourselves? Must the human Phoenix burn first, leaving the world in a total disaster before the intelligent homo-sapiens understand what is humanity?

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