Op-Ed to: “A Dark Day for Children in Wyoming”

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The rejection of the HB 68 – is the foundation of a dark future for children in Wyoming.

Congratulations to you, Bill Hawks, and all the others who laughed.  You all became in that moment supporters of CHILD ABUSE.

“Senator Bill Hawks, R- Casper, caused some of his colleagues and some in the audience to break into laughter when he said, “I got my fanny paddled on a fairly regular basis and, Madam Chairman, look how good I turned out.”

Yes, Bill Hawks how did you turn out? You became an abuser.

Bill Hawks was paddled and now he wants other children to feel the same pain.

Everyone who voted NO on HB 68 became creators of the next generation of adults abused as children who must live with the results of early trauma which results in PTSD, anxiety, depression and dysfunction.

The lack of education and empathy among the Law-makers, how damaging child abuse is, prevents us from moving forward in non-violent parenting and child-care, and guarantees another next generation of abusers.

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