Letter to J.W. Ehrenfels

Dear Wyatt,

You apologize for all the unwanted attention many receive. I welcome the chance to bring awareness to the oblivious, because I have enough of the stifling silence.

I received 30 minutes ago the link to your website and screamed loudly YES, YES and again YES.

You reveal what I know for nearly 13 years and fought like a single soldier in a battlefield against thousands raging “experts”.

I read your interview with Moyer and would like to congratulate you for not compromising your work as the publishers requested.

In my search for a publisher for my childhood abuse documentary I received 128 “no thank you’s.” Many left hemisphere explanation for not publishing such “reality”, were given. In reality, publishers are not interested in bringing awareness to a painful reality millions of others have experienced and many more will right now in their childhood. Publishers prefer keeping their audience unaware, provide instead the most unreal junk which helps keeping the reader on non-feeling stage of their own experience, in other words “repressed”. It is much easier to make money of the oblivious and the mentally controlled. The same domination I found among psychologists, psychiatrist, and therapists.

At last I self published, but was taking advantage of by an editor who destroyed the content of my manuscript, telling me he is the expert and know what the reader needs. I found out too late that the content of my documentation has triggered the editor, a person in total denial of abuse and reality. At last, the print of the first five hundred copies of my book was a complete misprint and the book fell apart after open it a few times.

Nevertheless, I am beyond my fight for publishing my book, I am rewriting at the moment, as time permits me. Although it is not perfect my book is now on the internet for free, and many adults who were abused in childhood can related and feel validated.

The injured integrity of a human being has taking me in a total different direction. I learned about the need for real healing from 1500 people who wrote to me. By reading my personal story they establish trust and feel that they will not be betrayed again if they asking me for help.
My personal horrifying experience with cognitive therapy and the new dominator (which is the unaware and unhealed therapists, the one who is still caring the pain and effect of early childhood trauma), was confirmed in over the half of the people who contacted me. Some of them are since. These people cry out for empathy, validation, and asking for help in their unbearable mental pain and receive no more than antidepressants, and learn how to repress further. Nothing has changed for them in 15 years in therapy, except they are now depended on the therapist for further instruction how to repress new upcoming flashbacks and triggers.

Finally, in 2000 I establish the website for “Adults Abused as Children Worldwide”. Soon, we will begin soon with discussions and a forum there people are allowed to express their pain without being told that they must fit in the frame of modern moneymaking psychology.

In my opinion, psychology should only be contacted by people who are not aware of their own trauma, healed it and have enough integrity not to stifle a needy person with their own limitation, their non-addressed and trauma.

I am not a psychologist, (I never finished my education), but what I know today came from working through my psychological trauma and becoming an empathetic person to peoples need, a person who understands the pain millions caring with them.

As I found out, the majorities of psychologist I have contacted are not even aware of their own needs, their trauma and project their limitation on the helpless who is in pain. How they can become a helper, a provider or fulfiller of the need of others. How can they validate and empathic feelings if their needs for empathy and validation was not fulfilled. Left hemisphere knowledge by itself, (studying psychology and displaying the arrogance of the title) cannot heal a right hemisphere injury.

Before I close I would like to ask you the question, I have been asked many times: “where can people go who experience childhood trauma and suffer as adults the nearly parlaying effects”. Whom can they trust? Where can they find a psychologist who is interested in healing the pain, without pushing their hidden agenda on the vulnerable, by presenting him/her selves as the dominant all known wisdom-full god and treads the help-seeking as retarded and uneducated in a belittling way.

To write about my personal experience with therapists and how others were treated, would fill a couple hundred pages. I am open for discussion on this subject and welcome ALL comments.

Kind regards, Sieglinde Alexander

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