Letter from Doerthe Fritsch

Dear Sieglinde,
I always had your personality in mind and remember you well as an exceptional human being. Despite your despairing situation, close to a psychic decomposition with a panic fear of being exposed. Your personal integrity, your bravery, your backbone and your absolute honesty (which you subdued to your own way of life) were constantly dominant. This is the reason why you belong, and still do, to the very few people I like, and regard you as “An Original”, engraved by Life!

My big question is, which probably can’t be answered, how can it be possible that you reared by the same people, your grandparents, left such different impressions on your mother and you. I’m astound that you have in spite of the exposure to submissiveness (as you experienced with your mother as a child) developed healthy polarity to strength and power. In a sense of making oneself strong for one’s claim to life, whatever that will be and for other people when it is certain that this happens to one’s own free will.

Reading your book I like to replay with Shakespeare (to me the greatest connoisseur of human weaknesses and resulting intrigues):

“This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man”.

“If I had to write a short review about your work I would word it this way: ‘The author interpreted her experience, a childhood in pain, in a nonviolent and non-judgmental language. Therefore, the information is free from pity and accusations and the reader is confronted and shocked with the incomprehensible without being prejudiced.’ An especially valuable book, which will encourage people who’ve had similar experiences to seek healing.”

Doerthe Fritsch
Diploma-Psychologist, Behavior-Therapeutic and Clinical Psychologist, Germany